Global Leadership Youth Program: An Online Enrichment Series for High School Students

January 20, 2021 - April 24, 2021

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Global Leadership Youth Program: An Online Enrichment Series for High School Students

January 20, 2021 - April 24, 2021


Join the San Diego Diplomacy Council and La Jolla Country Day School for our Global Leadership Youth Program!

About this Event

The Global Leadership Youth Program is a unique opportunity, giving high school students the chance to engage with questions plaguing the world’s most critical thinkers. From global health to justice and equality, this enrichment program has been curated with future leaders in mind. 

Register for the Global Leadership Youth Program HERE.

Program Details

  • Open to all students aged 14 – 18

  • Participate in all five modules, or select topics to suits your interests

  • Sessions run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4pm – 6pm PST

  • Each module will include a diplomacy simulation, guest speakers, interactive components, and supporting cultural enrichment

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of each module, students will realize the following achievements:

  • A nuanced understanding of an important global issue

  • Information about career paths in international affairs and diplomacy

  • Increased cultural competency, leadership, and civic engagement skills

  • Connections with students, change-makers, and world-renowned speakers from San Diego and around the world

  • Exposure to the cultures of participating countries through small group discussions, cooking classes, sharing of hobbies and interests, and more!

  • Upon completion of each module, students will earn a Certificate of Excellence in Global Leadership to commemorate their newfound skills.


We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Chinyeh Hostler for leading the sponsorship effort for the Global Leadership Youth Program. Thanks to Chinyeh’s generosity, we have 10 sponsorships available for students unable to participate in GLYP without financial help. Please email if you would like to be considered for a fully-funded position.

Module Descriptions


In Sickness and Health: Women’s Access to Healthcare Across the Globe

October 27 & 29, November 3 & 5

Women and girls worldwide are confronted by sociocultural factors that can hinder their access to quality healthcare including unequal gender power relationships, social norms that limit quality education and paid employment opportunities, and a higher victimization rate of gender-based violence. Meanwhile, climate change brings new threats that disproportionately affect women’s health. In this session, we will examine the global outcomes of United States foreign policy with a focus on the Mexico City Policy, access to education and reproductive health services, and the role of non-governmental organizations.

Ocean Conservation: Every Drop Counts

November 10, 12, 17 & 19

As Han Solo in Star Wars he traversed the galaxy, but as an ocean conservationist, Harrison Ford knows there is only one planet that we can call home. “If we don’t stop the destruction of our natural world,” he says, “nothing else will matter.” Oceans generate an estimated 50-80% of the oxygen we breathe, regulate global climate patterns, and support many diverse life forms. As such, ocean conservation must be at the forefront of the climate action movement if we are to keep our planet blue. This session will dive into the feasibility of reversing ocean damage, protecting our rich San Diego coastal environment, and supporting global conservation efforts.

With Liberty and Justice for All?: Confronting Racism and Systemic Inequality Worldwide

December 1, 3, 8 & 10

This year marks the 60th anniversary of four African-American college students who sat in protest at a segregated lunch counter, which in turn inspired Freedom Riders of all races to put their lives at risk registering voters of color. As such, the prominence of the United States’ global leadership placed the triumphs and tragedies of the Civil Rights Movement on the world stage. Today, how can American actions in cooperation with the international community challenge the racial injustice pandemic that grips the globe? This session will examine how both government and citizen-diplomacy can chip away at systemic inequality abroad while also taking a hard look at pervasive racism at home in the United States.

Not For Sale: The Miscreance of Human Trafficking

January 5, 7, 12 & 14

According to the California Department of Justice, human trafficking is the largest criminal enterprise in the Golden State, with estimated annual profits of $9.5 billion nationally and $150 billion globally. From products in our homes produced by enslaved laborers to a growing underworld sex trade, human trafficking infects our lives on a daily basis. Here in the border city of San Diego, we live in a regional hotspot with approximately 10,000 people having experienced human trafficking. This session will expose the scourge of human trafficking at home and abroad as well as discuss strategies to combat this lucrative illicit industry.

Of Poaching, Profits and Tiger Kings: International Wildlife Trafficking

January 19, 21, 26 & 28

The world currently faces an unprecedented surge in the trafficking of wildlife, threatening both global security and decades of conservation gains. Much like with illegal drugs and arms, dangerous international networks smuggle wildlife and animal parts and products across borders, a trade valued at billions of dollars according to some estimates. While poaching threatens the last of the world’s wild tigers (numbering around 3,890), U.S. audiences are captivated by the bizarre underworld of big cat breeding in the Netflix docuseries Tiger King, which in turn perpetuates the exploitation and suffering of animals for profit.




January 20, 2021
April 24, 2021
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